Each year we provided over 300 young people with over 2500 sessions in music and arts.

With weekly art & design, sound & lighting and guitar & drums session, monthly gigs and 6 weekly gallery art exhibitions, and one off projects exploring everything from mental health and World War One through performance art.

So many of our members have moved on to further education focusing on music and music technology and most are still performing regularly on the local or wider music scene.
We are still here for you!

We still have Rehearsal rooms and Recording opportunities - look on AAA Records tab for latest information.
Thanks for all your support and creativity- you still own this space so keep your ideas coming.

Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

Guitar Group 19/07/2014 : Minor 7 Chords

In today's Guitar Group we looked weird chords... making a game out of how to spell them, and seeing if we could break the music theory system!

We also looked at the Minor 7 Chord, for Gm7 Cm7 and Dm7

It's only one shape that we move around the neck:

These are the 3 chords we will be playing next week... Please try strumming all 3!

1. Each chord is exactly the same shape, just moved around. 

2. The '3fr' '8fr' and '10fr' means the fret number you start each chord on, e.g.  3fr  means the 3rd fret

3. The number in the circle means which finger you use for that note
1= index finger 2=Middle finger 3 =ring finger 4=little finger.  The 3chords from today only use fingers 1 and 3

4. Notice the curved line, this means one finger (index finger) is used to hold down all the strings on that particular fret, like a bar holding them all down... This is why it's called a bar chord

We will be learning the minor scale to play along with this next session!

Good luck and see you next week