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Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

Green Day '¡Tré!' Review

So the Green Day Trilogy is over, and I'm going to answer a key question towards the end of the end of this blog but first I'm going to review '¡Tré! '

'¡Tré!' was written to be the more sad, ballad songs and as I said in my last blog I was looking forward to this album, and everyone else I talked to was excited for what seemed a brilliant album, this excitement was well placed, this album is in my opinion a brilliant ending to the Green Day Trilogy.

The album has many songs that is slow and sad, like 'Drama Queen', 'Brutal Love' and 'The Forgotten' that give out the perfect feeling to an ending. But an ending isn't always sad and Green Day shows this point perfectly with songs like 'X-Kid', 'Dirty Rotten B*****s' and '99 Revoloutions'.

My favourite song on this album is 'X-Kid' just because it's the feeling that after a while you kind of feel too old and that Green Day have being doing this for a long time. I also love 'The Forgotton' because unlike 'X-Kid', its a slow song, it's also the last song of the whole Trilogy and it is a perfect ending.

My least favourite song is 'A Little Boy Named Train' because the lyrics just do not make any sense and the chorus is too repetitive. I also do not like 'Missing You' because it really feels like just a filler track and also it kind of drags on too much in my opinion.

Now here's the question I was talking about:


Has Green Day improved during the Trilogy?

My answer is quite a tricky answer, if you take into account of Billie Joe's Drug Problem, and them having to cancel January's shows, you'd automatically want to go with "no" and say that this Trilogy was a bad idea and with out it maybe none of these things would have happened, but you have to also take in the skill, the band members have got a lot better playing their instruments, they've stopped repeating the same '21 Guns' guitar solo, also Jason White became an official member of Green Day so for him this Trilogy was the best thing ever, person as a fan of Green Day I am happy they made this Trilogy, Green Day have shown a new side of they're music and I'm happy I was a fan of them to be able to listen to it.


So one last important question and this pains me to write because Its hard to say, but:

Which album is the best out of the Trilogy?

It really is a tough one, because they all do what they was meant to '¡Uno!' gave us songs that was a start of something brilliant, '¡Dos!' shown us that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, and '¡Tré!' gave us the sad ending to what was a brilliant thing. But in mt opinion my favourite album is (Drum Roll), '¡Uno!' because it's every thing you could want in a Green Day album, it doesn't give of that dirt feeling you get with '¡Dos!', or makes you feel sad like ¡Tré!, it makes you feel happy to be alive, it makes you want to live every day like it's your last.

Any way thank you so much for reading my reviews off my blogs, and I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I've enjoyed writing them, Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2013.



James :)