Each year we provided over 300 young people with over 2500 sessions in music and arts.

With weekly art & design, sound & lighting and guitar & drums session, monthly gigs and 6 weekly gallery art exhibitions, and one off projects exploring everything from mental health and World War One through performance art.

So many of our members have moved on to further education focusing on music and music technology and most are still performing regularly on the local or wider music scene.
We are still here for you!

We still have Rehearsal rooms and Recording opportunities - look on AAA Records tab for latest information.
Thanks for all your support and creativity- you still own this space so keep your ideas coming.

Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

Green Day - ¡UNO! Review

Since 2009 when Green Day released their 8th album '21st Century Breakdown', they have done quite a lot. They've wrote a musical, wrote a greatest hits and they are the main inspiration for the  'Green Day Rock Band' video game. After 3 years of not making any new music Green Day are releasing 3 new albums that come out 2 months apart from each other. '¡UNO!', which was the first to come out last month on the 25th of September, is the album that this blog post is all about.

It is no secret that i am a huge Green Day fan, but even i was quite disappointed in their last album '21st Century Breakdown'. The fact they wrote a musical based on American Idiot annoyed me because in my opinion bands should focus on making new music rather than making musicals and milking songs and/or albums for all they can get out of it. However, When i got Green Day's '¡UNO!' i was excited to hear their hear new music.

My favourite songs on the album are 'Stay The Night' and 'Sweet 16' because both are typical Green Day love songs in one way or another. 'Stay The Night' is one of the only songs on the album that sounds fresh compared to their original writing style. Majority of the songs on the album sounds like it belongs on another album. In my opinion, 'Trouble Maker' sounds like 'Warning', 'Carpe Diem' is just basically 'Suffocate'. However, the reason why i can't argue with this is because they seem to be bringing back the original feeling that they gave when 'Dookie' (1994), the album that inspired me the most, was released and in my opinion it's better than '21st Century Breakdown' and their 2005 come back 'American Idiot', which seemed to have lost the original Green Day sound.

My least favourite songs on the '¡UNO!' album is 'Loss Of Control' and 'Let Yourself Go' because both have very little meaning. When i hear the songs both chorus' seem to just say the songs name. In my opinion i think Green Day just wrote the song to fill the album and not to put meaning into it.

Green Day have so far released 6 music videos for this album, and includes 3 previously released singles. My favourite single on this album is 'Kill The DJ', which they also released a music video for. The song sounds pretty catchy because the chorus has a certain element that makes it aesthetically pleasing to the listener.

To conclude this review, i believe that '¡UNO!' is a fantastic improvement from the previous album '21st Century Breakdown'. Despite it's minor faults, i would recommend this album to anyone.

Written by James Swift - AAA Member, Blogger, Songwriter.
Edited by Liam Blackburn - AAA Member, Blogger, Circuit Bender, DIY Synths, Springbok.