Each year we provided over 300 young people with over 2500 sessions in music and arts.

With weekly art & design, sound & lighting and guitar & drums session, monthly gigs and 6 weekly gallery art exhibitions, and one off projects exploring everything from mental health and World War One through performance art.

So many of our members have moved on to further education focusing on music and music technology and most are still performing regularly on the local or wider music scene.
We are still here for you!

We still have Rehearsal rooms and Recording opportunities - look on AAA Records tab for latest information.
Thanks for all your support and creativity- you still own this space so keep your ideas coming.

Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

My First E.P. Launch - A Blog Entry By JAMES SWIFT

For like a year and a half I've been writing my first E.P. "A Bit Like An EP" (which is called that because I wanted to show my Friend my first Draft and didn't know what to call it) it's been quite a stressful Time writing it, and there were Times I just wanted to give up and just try Something Else, but as stressful as it was I love writing Songs and wanted People to hear it.

It was only a few Months when I had finished recording it that the silly little Idea became a real Thing that I could listen to It. After finishing the Artwork I was asked if I had considered doing a Launch Party which I really didn't know how to react to doing a Gig regardless of the amount of People turning up, Anyone who's ever had a Conversation with Me will know I'm a very inward shy Person so standing in front of People playing Songs I've wrote was just an Alien Concept.

After a Month of not worrying about it, it began to sink in that I couldn't escape this, within this time I prepared My EP's, I stayed up one Night burning the Ep's, I Spent an Afternoon drawing a Stick man on every Disc,i spent another Afternoon making Badges to be sold with the EP. When the Gig became a Week away I was feeling scared out of My Mind, but excited, the Whole Reason I started writing Songs was to do Gigs where I could play Them, and this was what I Wanted.

Within no time it was the Day of the Gig, everything that this Past Year and a Half had built up to was this Night, its about this time I started to ask myself why I was so scared, this EP was something I was proud of, there isn't one Song on the EP that I haven't wrote in First Hand Experience, and this one Night I was able to share in front of People the songs that I am proud of.

When the Audience came I went behind the Curtain and got Myself ready, this Time was surprisingly the least scary Part because I knew I couldn't run away, I had to do this and once more I wanted to do it. When the First Support came on, Dylan (Outside The Day), I was back stage getting ready, I was singing to the songs I knew by Dylan and also his Cover of Blink 182's "Adam's Song" then when Dylan went off and Eddie (DJ Diggy Dizzle) came on and he was really good, I envy His Ability to rap because I just couldn't attempt It.
Before no Time at all it was the last 5 Minutes until I had to go on, to get Myself ready I was just singing the backing Music that was playing.

Suddenly I was behind the Curtain being introduced onto the Stage when the Announcer said the most amazing Thing about Me I've ever heard "up next is the Man who has brought us all here Tonight" it just gave Me a sense of how Important Tonight was for me, its one night I'll never forget for the rest of My Life, This Night wasn't about how scared I was, or even about My Gig, it was about showing People Something that I've worked a year and a half on and how proud of it I am.

If You didn't Buy my EP at the Gig here's a link to My Bandcamp where you can buy and listen to it along with Other Songs I've wrote : http://thetooboredboy.bandcamp.com/ and here's my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheTooBoredBoy