Each year we provided over 300 young people with over 2500 sessions in music and arts.

With weekly art & design, sound & lighting and guitar & drums session, monthly gigs and 6 weekly gallery art exhibitions, and one off projects exploring everything from mental health and World War One through performance art.

So many of our members have moved on to further education focusing on music and music technology and most are still performing regularly on the local or wider music scene.
We are still here for you!

We still have Rehearsal rooms and Recording opportunities - look on AAA Records tab for latest information.
Thanks for all your support and creativity- you still own this space so keep your ideas coming.

Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

My Atari Punk Console!

Greetings from the world beyond!

This is my first post as an author of this progressing blog! So i hope this first post will be a good impact for the local Music Scene. 

Here i am giving you all a sneak preview video of the DIY synth which in modern circuit bending/DIY crazy terms it's called the 'Atari Punk Console' which i believe at first was called the 'Step Tone Generator' By an amazing fellow who people know as Forrest Mims III. (Who drawn the original Schematic for this wonderful device.)

Give it a listen! 

Also the first thing you hear isn't the APC but its a recording of a Casio SA-5 i circuit bent some time ago which sadly got fried in the process of further tampering.

Many Thanks!