Each year we provided over 300 young people with over 2500 sessions in music and arts.

With weekly art & design, sound & lighting and guitar & drums session, monthly gigs and 6 weekly gallery art exhibitions, and one off projects exploring everything from mental health and World War One through performance art.

So many of our members have moved on to further education focusing on music and music technology and most are still performing regularly on the local or wider music scene.
We are still here for you!

We still have Rehearsal rooms and Recording opportunities - look on AAA Records tab for latest information.
Thanks for all your support and creativity- you still own this space so keep your ideas coming.

Enjoy these images from our final gig on 20 December 2014 by fabulous local photographer Warren Millar.

Guitar Group 19/07/2014 : Minor 7 Chords

In today's Guitar Group we looked weird chords... making a game out of how to spell them, and seeing if we could break the music theory system!

We also looked at the Minor 7 Chord, for Gm7 Cm7 and Dm7

It's only one shape that we move around the neck:

These are the 3 chords we will be playing next week... Please try strumming all 3!

1. Each chord is exactly the same shape, just moved around. 

2. The '3fr' '8fr' and '10fr' means the fret number you start each chord on, e.g.  3fr  means the 3rd fret

3. The number in the circle means which finger you use for that note
1= index finger 2=Middle finger 3 =ring finger 4=little finger.  The 3chords from today only use fingers 1 and 3

4. Notice the curved line, this means one finger (index finger) is used to hold down all the strings on that particular fret, like a bar holding them all down... This is why it's called a bar chord

We will be learning the minor scale to play along with this next session!

Good luck and see you next week

Table Top Sales from now till DEC / Sell Your Stuff!!!

Access All Areas have teamed up with Victoria Park Environment Team to host bi monthly Table Top Sales at The Studio / Tables £5 / Entry 50p / All proceeds to Access All Areas and VPET Butterfly House in Victoria Park / SUN 24th AUG / SUN 19th OCT / SUN 14th DEC- 10am -12noon

Dom Stephens At The Studio / Friday 11 July 7.30pm £5 18+only

The Studio- Press Release

Stand Up At The Studio

Lacey Street Widnes WA8 7SQ
0151 420 8997

Friday 11 July 7.30pm £5 18+only

The coming comedy night is the forth 'Stand Up At The Studio' event, run by local comedian Dominic Stephens. The night gives emerging comedians a platform to explore material and polish their acts.
Appearing on Friday 11 July and celebrating our 1st year of comedy at The Studio will be

Thomas Hurdsfield
John Murfin
Tony Vino

All making return visits to join in our 1st year party.

Host and creator of the comedy night Dominic Stephens says,
'The acts we have had appear up to now have always had a local feel to them, we have had various acts from Widnes, Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester and the furthest traveling funny man comes from Cambridge. The fact that acts want to travel and return means we have something special in Widnes and long may it continue.

The reason for starting and building a regular comedy night in Widnes was simple, there isn't one and when there are they aren't in a specific area or venue that lends itself to the stand up scene, unlike The Studio which is ideal. There is also a lot of people who want good comedy and cant afford a massive ticket price, that's why The Stand Up @ The Studio night lets you see new and upcoming comics for very little along with a great venue for the evening. Then going forward we would look to have this as a regular fixture on the stand up circuit.'
Tickets are £5 available on the door. Access All Areas Manager Louise Nulty says, ' It is great to have the Stand Up night, The Studio space is so versatile and we want it to be used for more things, we are glad Dominic approached us to be the home of this night which is growing in popularity.'
'Stand Up At The Studio' will return in October when we aim to include a music quiz, panel show to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. The teams will include comedians and local musicians and will be a development with Access All Areas members and staff- the over 18 ones anyway!
Interview with Dominic Stephens

"The was not enough comedy in Widnes, in the surrounding areas, in fact not at all"
"We started at the studio because its a great venue, its the only venue you can have as a venue [...] And everyone that have been or preformed at the standup at the studio have said what a fantastic venue it is, its the best venue in Widnes"

"Its an age old thing of making people laugh , bigger and tougher kids at school and you get out of it [...] You can get out of a lot of things by making people laugh"

"I just think making people laugh its a nice thing to have if you can do it, ive struggled slightly at the stand up nights but the majority of the people I know laugh, I dont know if that's out of pity or genuine comedy value, but it's just a really good thing to do if you can do it"

"I didn't really start as a stand-up, [...] The first performance we do was live sketch shows, so it was all quite scripted but over the time that your doing it the the script find of falls and becomes secondary, you start riffing yourself, doing your own thing and making stuff up, that was a group the four of us down london, that was the first real way into stand up".

"The acts that I've have brought to the studio have been either people who have been referred to me from people in the industry [...] There is an agency where they post the names up and we contact them direct and there is also people finding out about the night and saying " I know some who's great, you should put the on".

"We are trying Northwest comedians, one of the guys that's been here once before is from Cambridge and he is coming back again [...] I think the service we provides, is that we give them an outlet, every comedian wants to do their stuff day in day out, so the more places, the more venues the better".

"Our next stand up at the studio night is on the 17th July and it starts at 7:30 and the first act on at 8:30. Its our 12 month aniversery show, "Its gonna be a big one" and we've got return visits from Thomas hersefields who's the young guy from Runcorn who was on our first night and Jon Murphy from Cambridge who was also on our first show 12 months ago [..] and widnes' favourite stepson Tom Veno, who has been a crowd pleaser. 5 pound, might as well be for nothings, it's that cheap. Its not though its 5 pound, remember that".

"Future ideas for this, I think the next thing for stand up for the studio will be to never do it again and moving to Vegas [...] No, I think what we're going to do is keep pushing it, push the whole idea that it's a local thing, not just for local people, but northwest comedians and just really go for it"

"Who I rated on the comedy scene was les Dawson, but as we all know he's dead and he's not done a show for 20 years, so you won't get a ticket for his show [...] One of my all time favourites or is, Lee Evans, absolutely fantastic [..] and Allen cockron, from Yorkshire, he's brilliant".

"If you could ever get the likes of them at the studio, you would hopefully have a garlour evening where you've got some really big names"

"Who inspired me as a comedian? At the time probably Morecambe and wise, I was always more sketch comedy and setups like that. So Morecambe and wise, the two Ronnies were brilliant, obviously showing my age [...] those kind of things and then les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, that was stand-up what he used to do but in a cabaret kind of thing, but that kind of humour".

"Comedy acting would be the way I would like to go, although stand up kind of a outlet were you can test stuff out [...] hopefully I could get something on the TV and something out there".

On the 28th June Dom Stephens, a comedian who not only features but also helps run the comedy night came in to give us a very candid interview detailing the reasons why he decided to start the stand-up night at the studio.

Highlighting the lack of comedy in widnes, Dom goes on to describe how important the draw of the venue was when deciding on where to base the comedy night, describing the studio as "the best venue in widnes".

Going back to his youth, Dom describes how he first got into comedy by making kids laugh in school, he goes on to suggest how important making people is in getting people onside.

Throughout the interview he details a natural progression from a sketch show artist in a group of four in London, to a solo sand-up artist at the studio in Widnes. 

However not only does he take part in stand-up shows, he also organises the event searching venues such as the Comedy Store in Manchester for performers. Dom has brought the likes of Thomas Hersefield's, Jon Murphy and Widnes' favourite stepson Tom Veno to the studio, amongst others.

Asked about who he rates on the comedy scene, Dom mentions the late Les Dawson, admiting though that it would be very unlikely to see one of his gigs as he is "dead and hasn't toured for twenty-odd years, so you won't get a ticket for his show". 

Talking about more recently comedians, Dom lists Lee Evan and Alun Cockrane amongst many. However he makes it clear that even with comedian's he really likes, it doesn't really lend to what he does as a comedian, as comedian have their own acts and styles.

In terms of influences he cities his main influences as Morecambe and Wise and the Two Ronnie's as his main influence into Sketch based shows. Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson also influence him but they were more to do in terms of stand-up.

Looking forward Dom mentions that if you could ever get names of that ilk at The Studio one day, in a gallour of some sort it would get the audience going even more. But in terms of his own career Dom is looking to do more comedy acting if the chance becomes available and to hopefully get something on the television one day.

Sean Dyas 


Documentary on Access All Areas by Sean Dyas

A Documentary film created by Edge Hill University Students, Sean Dyas, Adam Jennings, Kaine Ranjbar and Alyshia Riley.

The film covers Access All Areas a community youth project in Widnes.

With help from Studio members Tony Reilly, Stephen Cole, Genevieve Baker and Stuart Brown, the film introduces the project and the space, going into detail about how they not only facilitate but also   support and help the people who try and help improve the skills of the people who come, if that is what they are interest in doing. Otherwise they explain how it is also a safe place that young people can come to if they so wish.

The Documentary follow's CeReal, a band who frequently uses the studio, who explain the reason why they chose to come to the Studio, how the support workers have helped them progress as musicians and how important the studio is in their lives.

Having been through a similar background, the rapport become apparent and as we see the both Stephen Cole and CeReal bands member and what each have to say about the other.

The Documentary ends on a poignant note as Stuart Brown describes the situation with the funding at the moment. But you'll have to watch that to find out.

Sean Dyas

Stand Up At The Studio Friday 11th July Doors 7.30pm Tickets £5 18+ Only

Stand Up At The Studio Friday 11th July Doors 7.30pm Tickets £5 18+ Only
The coming comedy night is the forth 'Stand Up At The Studio' event, run by local comedian Dominic Stephens. The night gives emerging comedians a platform to explore material and polish their acts.

July acts will be posted soon.

Hosted by Domm the events so far have seen sets from Liam Gilfoyle, Andy Watson, Thomas Hurdsfield, Gash Allen, John Murfin, Damian Ryan, Chris Tavner, & Tony Vino. 'Stand Up At The Studio' will return in October when we aim to include a music quiz, panel show to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. 
The teams will include comedians and local musicians and will be a development with Access All Areas members and staff- the over 18 ones anyway!

Trash Fashion: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 June

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 June will see the first trash fashion workshops at the Studio- Free to all members - so come on down and if you are not  a member and you are aged between 11 and 19- sign up and take part in art! Working with lost property, broken musical instruments and general rubbish you can create our own Prom King and Queen outfits and more.
The workshops and displays are the latest in our 'Artspace Gallary' programmed exhibitions. It will replace the 2nd Open Art Exhibition we have hosted in partnership with Louise Hesketh and The Brindley Gallery and be our first to include fashion design and jewellery, Gen Baker Youth Music Worker also makes her own stage costumes and has a line in jewellery so it is an opportunity to pass those skills on.
The Under 17's Open Art Exhibition has a competitive side to it as we engage two local artists to give comments and chose art work within the exhibition to win Gold, Silver, Bronze and High Commended prizes.This year's judges, local artists Claire Weetman and Maria Tarn were looking for technique, artwork that raised questions and made them long for longer and were engaging images. They commended all the entries and gave feedback to all the applicants.
We wish to enable all our young people to enter and do not focus on just who is technically best, all the artwork submitted is exhibited which we believe is more important than the prize.
However this years winners were: Gold to Mak Hardman for his 'Lonely Staircase' photograph, Silver to Michaela Brenton for 'Invisible Friends', Bronze Niamh Allanson for Silver Jubilee Bridge and the highly commended awards went to Ethan Dwyer, Elisha Exley and Stephanie Cameron. The winners received art materials or vouchers.
We also encouraged all our visitors to The Studio to vote for their favourite, with one visitor being chosen at random to also receive a prize. This year's visitors choice award went to Jordan Louise Edwards for 'Cat-tivated'.
Our Trash Fashion Exhibition will be accompanied by a photography exhibition by members of Just Chill working with professional photographer Warren Millar. The exhibition will run until

Photographs by Warren Millar

Faster Than Bulls video shoot at The Studio

Faster Than Bulls - When Death Comes To Town: http://youtu.be/n614-d2i6ok - watch out for information on Halton Horror Festival coming soon

AAA and The Studio where approached by local horror writer Peter Mckeirnon with a view to him using The Studio for a video shoot. The band Faster Than Bulls from Chorley have written a song to accompany Peter’s latest book ‘When Death Comes To A Northern Town’. The premise for the video was the band rehearsing in an empty space but then the sound attracts the local zombies who seek them out and drop in for a head bang and a feast.

As Warren Millar’s photographs suggest Halton is not short of Zombies, some even travelled into the area take part. Zombie’s have proved pretty popular, some coming dressed and ready to go with other having the excellent effects done by the make-up artists. This held the shoot up a little as so many had turned up and needed an extreme make over!

With the crowd lead by chief Zombie Neil Gallagher and author Peter giving instructions they soon got into the swine or shuffle of it! With groans practiced and blood dripping they took their places around Lacey Street and Luton Street to start the journey following the music.

Many of our AAA can be spotted in the photos and the video shoot alongside Harry Hill and Jesus!
It was a great day topped off by an after shoot party with AAA’s own Outside The Day playing and local band who rehearse at The Studio The Ortegas then Faster Than Bulls themselves returning to The Stage- There was one song we could all sing along to by the end of the day! What a way to use the Studio- watch out for information coming on Peter’s next venture Halton Horror Festival in partnership with us and Halton Haven!
Photos by Warren Millar

Table Top Sale 22 June / 10am-12noon / Sell Your Stuff!!!

Access All Areas have teamed up with Victoria Park Environment Team to host bi monthly Table Top Sales at The Studio. Our first attempt was a success despite Louise setting the fire alarm off! Luckily Jane from Just Chill was on hand to sort out the mess she made in the kitchen and make a start of the sausage butties for sale! Volunteer Karl Davies also was on hand to make the event run smoothly. Studio photographer Warren Miller came down to capture the event.

We are hoping to develop links with Victoria Park with our forthcoming project ‘Songs To The Cenotaph’ and possible bring some acoustic acts to the glasshouses. Also VPET have helped The Studio with plants and garden tools to keep the front looking ‘bloomin’ marvellous’- in the future we would like to grow veggies and more plants to add some greener to a largely built up area- perhaps it will catch in the street.
The Studio saw many new faces coming through the doors at the table Top Sale, as we widen our reach within the community. We are not only here for music and arts events but the flexible space can be used for community events, parties, craft fairs and festivals so if you have an idea of how you can use the space come and have a word.
Tables still available £5 each so any one can have a stall- all ages welcome, find new homes for your unwanted items- clear out your bedroom, loft, garage and bring it down to The Studio- contact Louise to book 07930388844 or email nultylouise@gmail.com
Waiting for photos

AAA Sunday Session - Ethan Dyer

AAA Sunday Sessions - Ethan Dwyer

Here is Ethan's session from couple of weeks ago. Enjoy......

AAA Sunday Session - Accepting April


AAA Sunday Session - Accepting April

presenting AAA Sunday Session - Accepting April ....Ironically recorded on May 11th

5tudio: Celebrating five years at The Studio

Saturday 5th April saw The Studio's fifth Anniversary celebration of the Access All Areas Project. The Worshipful The Mayor of Halton Cllr Margaret Ratcliffe cut the cake to start the event and posed for a photograph:

Let them eat Cake!
With Project Manager Louise Nulty, Volunteer Meg Culliford and
 James Swift who also played a set
NCS Volunteers with display on the history
 of the Queens Hall and The Studio
Selection of highlight of Soul Food Samples
Halton Daycare Services Samba band
kick off entertainment 
John Hase Leading the Samba

Kai Pickersgill original AAA member since 2010
returns with latest electronic sounds 
Liam "Supersprite" Blackburn
shares his musical Gameboy experience 

Stuart Brown Youth Music Worker,  and
the Adventures in Sound and Lighting tech team
Dylan "Outside The Day" Monticelli
reminds everyone how old AAA is!

Sean Dyas introduces Documentary on AAA
and The Studio
Elle Wall joins Just Chill on stage for their
debut group wig out

Just Chill close vocal harmonies

James and Nadine share a warm up
then set to work on song about lemons!
Liam McGrath stealing Jake Bugg's crown!

Nadine McGhee sings 'nuff said! 

Acoustic singer/song writer and Loose Director,
Greg Oldfield 
Sound Minds blow minds!

Louise Nulty AAA project  manager
tells everyone why we're there
Ste Cole Youth Music Worker, looks down from above!
Tony Reilly Youth Music Worker,
sings for Sound Minds

Jo Gleave and John Chatterton smooooooth!
James Michael woz ere honest tho an not Wembley m8!

Gen Baker Youth Music Worker leads "Guess the lions name" competition and "Design a Guitar"  Ryan and James explain the rules to "Music Monopoly

Thanks to all our performers, volunteers and supporters who helped out on both the event and over the five years. We will be asking for members to write a bit about their time at the studio so look out for our next post coming soon.

Thanks for reading

James, Meg & Louise